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December 11th, 2009   |   Author: Chris Sully

logicbuy_feature_2-1Some estimates I have heard recently indicate that 50-75% of all shopping will be done online this year.  Now, those numbers are simply estimates until the holiday season is over, but I think the rest of the world is finally catching on to the deals and time savings that can be had from web browsing and not window browsing.   All I have to say is “it’s about time.”  For regular readers of the blog, you are probably thinking “here he goes again with the online shopping talk.”  Some will stop reading right about now, but for those of you who still have shopping to do AND like to save money in the process, here is the latest discovery in my holiday shopping series.  I recently stumbled onto one of the best sites I have ever visited and I wanted to share it with you all.  The site is is a compilation of my favorite money saving ideas from the web.  Daily deals, coupons and sharing.  Much like (which we shared a few weeks ago), is a deal page where users can share the bargains they find anywhere on the web.  There are however some key differences that send straight to the top of my WOW list.  Why should you visit  Here is what makes the site so great.  numbers correspond to the areas on the screen shot below

  1. BIG savings -  The home page highlights the biggest savings on the site and shows you the sale price as well as the original price on the site mentioned.  Hover over the item with your mouse for a pop-out window containing more information on the product or follow the Get Deal button to go directly to the site and make your purchase.
  2. Popular stores – The biggest names in online shopping are here, including,,,, etc.  I still can’t tell if the information on sales from these sites is provided by or the users, but I happy either way.  Currently, if you wanted the hottest deals from (Gold Box) and (Daily Deals) you would have to visit both sites and receive their daily emails of the latest deals.  LogicBuy provides all of this information in one visit.
  3. Categories – If you are looking for something specific, you can run a search or start narrowing down your selections by picking a category.
  4. Voting – After becoming a member (see below) you can add your own deals and/or vote on your favorites.  Those with the most votes move to the front page and everyone benefits.
  5. Become a member in seconds – If you are already a Facebook user, you can join LogicBuy by filling out 3 pieces of information and they will sync up with your Facebook account.
  6. Alerts – Looking for something specific but didn’t find it in your search?  You can create alerts based on your own key words and LogicBUY will email you when a new deal is submitted/found.  It’s like they are shopping for you.


So, maybe you have an idea for that next gift or maybe you don’t.  Either way, you should get the best deal on it and you should limit the time you spend shopping and deciding where to buy it. can help you satisfy all of these needs.  Jump on over to the site today and see what great bargains you find.  The site is completely FREE, so you have nothing to lose.

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  • Hector

    This is a great site and tool to use when online shopping. You don’t have to open multiple pages to do research and it is very intuitive. I do lots of homework when looking to purchase nearly anything as I hate to waste money if I could have spent a few more minutes looking around. This site reduces that time and is really easy on the eyes. Aside from the option of having a biweekly newsetter sent there are no spam issues and it has community feedback that is helpful too.