Decorating is Not Over – Time to Spruce Up That Desktop

wallpaper1aToday is one of those odd days where you have either drug yourself back to work reluctantly or you find yourself with a much deserved day off.  No matter where you find yourself today, it most likely is NOT a regular Monday.  Most everyone had a long holiday weekend and is still trying to get their feet back on the ground after family, parties, gifts and waaaayyyyy too much food.  So, we won’t put too much on your “plate” today. is here to bring you something fun and simple.  Wallpaper!

Our friends over at have gone and done it again.  They have put together a fantastic article about the top sites in a particular category, based on reader submissions and votes.  This article, titled Five Best Wallpaper Sites, covers five web sites that offer mind-blowingly beautiful wallpapers, unlike anything you have seen before.  Some of the images are FREE and some of the sites charge membership fees for their content.  We’ll give you the rundown on each below, so you can work on changing your boring/holiday desktop today.



Fantastic images from a wide variety of subjects, all by the artist Vlad Gerasimov.  Tons of holiday wallpapers appear on the front page now, but there are many more types to pick from.

COST: Mobile wallpaper and desktop resolutions at 1600×1200 and below are available for free. Images larger than that are available only to registered users.  I downloaded a “low resolution” image and put it on my 21.5″ monitor and it looks awesome.  Don’t let  the term “low resolution” fool you here.


4Chan Wallpapers

WARNING: Enter at your own risk.  There is a LOT of adult-themed advertising.  This site is not suited for the workplace or children.

All user submitted images in a “forum” layout.  There are some great wallpapers in here but you have to weed through the adult-themed images to get to them.

COST: Everything is FREE and we don’t doubt that some of it was taken from other sites and posted here.

SocialSocial Wallpapering


Mostly photos with some abstracts mixed in.  Looks like a lot of personal photography.  Images are voted on and moved up or down in rank based on votes.  Go to Browse to look at categories or the most popular images.

COST: All FREE here.



Lots of outdoor images with a few abstracts here and there.  Good “interface” and easy to navigate site.

COST: All FREE here from what we can tell.  There is a “login” link, but that must be for people who are posting, voting or want to be notified as new content is submitted.



Mostly abstract and computer generated images.  Some of the best wallpapers I have ever seen and a huge variety of subjects.

COST: All FREE here.

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