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Protect Yourself – Strong Password Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Passwords are a necessary evil that we cannot escape and, as we have pointed out again and again, you are responsible for creating and remembering/storing all of the passwords you use.  As recently as March 31, in the article Online Security Begins or Ends With Your Choice of Password, we provided readers with some frightening data about “consumer password worst practices” and explained the idea of strong passwords.  In that post, and several others before it, we provided some tips on creating strong passwords, but only skimmed the surface of possibilities.

Today, sparked by a recent article on, I will share with you a list of methods that you can use to create strong passwords.  These methods are taken from sites all over the web and are merely suggestions on how you can protect yourself from crimes like identity theft.  Before you jump down to the list, remember that EVERY password you use should follow these rules:


Portable PC Tools – Everything You Need, Now in Fun Size

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Personal Computers became very popular and “affordable” during the 90’s.  They were capable of gaming, word processing and surfing the world wide web.  Unfortunately, cost was still a major factor and most PCs were very limited on hard drive space and processing power.  Compare the PC’s of 1995 to today and you’ll find more storage space on your average jump drive and more processing power on your cell phone.

Make Use of That Flash Drive with Portable Apps

A recent trend in computing has made use of the low cost of storage space and the power of today’s computers.  Portable applications are becoming popular and readily available.  These are small, bite-sized versions of programs that can be easily saved and launched from a portable storage device like a jump or flash drive.  These portable applications can be used to save you:

  • Space – portable applications often take up much less space, but are equally effective.  If you have an older PC with a small hard drive, use a jump drive to store these applications for everyday use.
  • Processing Power – these applications only run when you launch them, unlike some programs that run from the system tray and are always eating up resources in the background.
  • Money – (our favorite) all of the portable applications we have tested so far are FREE.
  • Headaches – store your passwords, favorite web sites and personal documents for easy access, no matter where you are.


What to do With that Recently Replaced PC

Monday, October 12th, 2009

PC GraveyardIf you have read any of our articles before, you know we have just beat the “PCs are like cars” analogy to death.  It works for so many of the topics that we cover, but this is NOT one of them.  Eventually, we all cave in and decide that it is time for a new computer.  Since most computer retailers don’t offer a trade in for that old PC, you find yourself staring at that old PC and wondering what to do with it.  Before you decide to toss it out on the curb, you should realize that the old clunker might still serve some purpose in your daily life.


Which Browser Should You be Using?

Monday, September 21st, 2009
Browser Wars - from

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Which browser is better?  An ongoing debate in the computer world and one that you and your friends or co-workers may have already had.  Internet Explorer was the only game in town for a long time, but other choices have emerged to give the end user both a choice and a reason for debate.  The list of browsers goes on and on, but the most widely used are Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (for Macs) and Opera.

I initially set out to research and then provide you with some cold, hard facts about why one browser is better than the other, but that proved to be rather difficult.  It seems that most of the online information I could find was strictly personal preference.  Since that is the case, I am going to provide you with my own preference and experiences.  That said, I am married to Firefox, with a Google Chrome mistress.  Let me explain further.