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Did You Forget Your Password AGAIN – Time for a Super Password

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

For years now, I’ve preached to people about the importance of using strong passwords.  My posts have included tips like: make it complex, make sure it is lengthy and change out common letters for numbers.  I’ve considered these to be golden rules for creating a password, and I stick by the fact that they can help protect you from the “bad guys,” but a recent article on has me rethinking a few things.

As the author of Why That Fancy Password Isn’t Nearly as Safe as You Thought puts it, that password you created is super complicated (which is good) but “You know who else loves it? Computers!”  A strong password is necessary, but are the rules we have lived by really helping us to create a VERY strong password?  Also, how difficult have we made it on ourselves to remember that password.  Personally, I have to hit the forgot password link on at least one website a week now, simply because I tricked myself, and I am getting really tired of it.